Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most promising Indian MMA fighters of 2011-2012

Anup"Pitbull" Kumar hails from Delhi and has been training at Tigers Gym since 2008. he was part of the Indian team to compete at the World Absolute Fighting Championships in Almaty Kazakhstan in 2010 and also won the Asian Kickboxing Championships in the same year. Anup has an mma record of 1/1/0

Mastveer Singh has an mma record of 1/0/0 and is one of the most promising middleweights on the Tigers roster this year. Mastveer's hobbies and pastimes include eating , sleeping and bullying newbie students at evolution mma mumbai. Mastveer also runs an institute in Mumbai to help docile mma fighters to pursue a degree in mma trashtalking.

Pranav Mantri trains at Evolution MMA Mumbai and has a fight record of 2/1/0

Both Pranav and Aditya More claim to be bilogical sons of Mastveer Singh but Mastveer has no comment about these claims both on and off camera.

Sanjivan Padwal is currently completing his mma instructors course at the Tigers MMA Academy Nasik and plans to work with the same institute soonafter. Sanjivan has a fight record of 1/2/0 he comes from a karate background.

Ricky Ranjeet Sahni has an mma record of 1/0/0 , Recently won the Daniel Isaac's MMA Challenge and was the champion at the 70kgs Asian Kickboxing Championships held last year.

Ranjith K is the head instructor and fighter of the Swastick MMA team in Calicut Kerala. Ranjith has an mma record of 0/1/0 and is recovering from surgery before he resumes his fighting career at gym wars.


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