Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gym Wars IX , Saturday 30th April 4pm at Evolution MMA Mumbai , Kandivali [west] , fighters show up to prove yourself , audience get ready to witness war ! 9890381987

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Over the next 2 months there are some good opportunities for mma fighters on fightcards in various cities in India. If you are an mma fighter and are serious about taking some fights with travel and purse you need to get back to me asap with you fighter profile , pictures and video links

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My fearless lil tiger cubs

Rottweilers are known to be both unpredictable and non-child friendly - quite the contrary are our rottweilers , full grown and a massive 60 kgs that they are . these security guards of our home are very very protective of my children and of our house , they allow my daughters to literally ride them around the house and yeah wait patiently while my 4 year old digs out the marrow from the marrow bones that they enjoy biting on , I guess Rottweilers need a firm command and good training if you want them to be part of the family. Exactly the way we have brought up our boys. I tried to make them friends with tayde once unfortunately they went straight for his face and missed his eye by inches. We rushed him to the hospital [thank god hes ok now] and vowed never to try to make outsiders their friends. For Rotts the principle is simple : everyone from home is family and anyone from outside the gate is an enemy - no exceptions whatsoever. Bite first enquire later

On the go meal

To avoid indigestion while travelling or even while on a hectic day / training schedule one of the perfect things to eat is a subway chicken salad [either chicken or veg] , my mix is usually tons of lettuce , cucumber , crushed capsicum and onions [less onions or your gob will smell like hell] roast chicken bits , mayo and sweet onion sauces , yummy for sure and a great way to have a light on the go meal.

Friday, April 8, 2011

MMA has arrived in Pune !!!

We were glad to be part of the first ever Mixed Martial Arts amateur tournament to be held in Pune. The event was held in a league system and the competitors did a great job. Our team from evolution was ringside officiating and we also had an opportunity to put up an mma demo , you can watch footage from the demo from this LINK
Our fighters and participants also had an opportunity to train with "Big" Jitendra Khare and Alan "The Bull" Fenandes. I will feature an indepth story of the visit both here and on my video blog in the coming week. Off to mumbai for some more hardcore training this week.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Man !

My father celebrated his 69th birthday last month , had a nice time with mum dad and my family , got to go out for dinner and spend some quality family time , love you dad - happy birthday , ur the man who made this whole mma thing happen in India.

Submission Expert gets Submitted !!!

Raghav Rao tied the knot on the 26th of march 2011 , the submission expert and tigers guest instructor married his NRI wife in the capital last month. Congrats guys !!!

MMA flame being lit in Pune

So we are off to pune city tomorrow for a demonstration and an mma seminar , we will also be officiating for an amateur mma tourney organised by Russell and his team from the flame martial arts academy , i will have some pics and video added here and on facebook on return.

40 winks and no blinks

tough weekend in mumbai : travelling , training , filming , editing , uploading , eating but definately very less sleeping , so on my way back by train i managed to get a little shut eye and yeah when i was deep in sleep anoop by brother from canada called and woke me heh heh , cheers guys ! the journey continues

Friday, April 1, 2011

MMA India Video Blog Inaugural Episode

Friday April 01 , 2011 : I take the 12:15 pm bus to mumbai , reach my house in goregaon at 6pm , just enough time to shower and change , 730pm Vicky meets me at Inorbit and we head to the Evolution mma gym in kandivali , 8-10pm we are training the series : fundamentals of standup fighting for mma , good hard training , 1030pm we head for dinner along with vickys wife kavi and mastveer singh , good food and friends are always a good formula especially when you have a life always on the go , midnight i reach my home in goregaon and get to talk to my wife on the phone since im missing her too much , 1am to 4am i edit / convert and upload my inaugural episode of the mma india video blog , now its time to go to bed , 9am wakeup time and 1030am is the saturday morning class at evolution mma , pls checkout the mma india video blog channel hope you guys tune in regularly , share and enjoy the uploads.