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I Love you Dad ... See you soon

The legend has passed on ... to a better place

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MAIN EVENT- GYMWARS 13 : Sachin Bhat (Mangalore) vs Bhanji Mahida (Mumbai)

Sachin Bhat (Mangalore) vs Bhanji Mahida (Mumbai)
Referee: Jitendra Khare

The main event of the Gymwars 13 was the highly anticipated bout between Sachin Bhat, 2nd Dan Black belt in Aikido and Bhanji Mahida, a veteran boxer and coach/owner of South Paw boxing club in Mumbai. This was, what everyone thought, to be the classic Grappler versus Striker fight with both fighters being coaches and veterans at their respective disciplines.

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves. Sachin with an orthodox stance and Bhanji in a south paw stance keeping his guard very low. Sachin connects early with a right low kick to the inner thigh of the lead leg of Bhanji forcing him to drop his guard even lower. Sachin immediately follows up with a right head kick which connects to Bhanji's temple and drops him to the mat. Sachin then follows him to the mat and drops a right hand. Referee Jitendra Khare has seen enough and jumps in and stops the fight.

Result: Sachin Bhat wins by KO at 14 secs of round # 1.
KnockOut of the event and fastest KO in Gymwars history.

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

CO-MAIN EVENT- GYM WARS 13 : Manjit Kolekar (Mumbai) vs Ritika Singh (Thane)

Manjit Kolekar (Mumbai) vs Ritika Singh (Thane)

The co-main event of the Gymwars 13 was the first ever womens' MMA bout at Gym wars featuring Manjit Kolekar, a boxer from South Paw boxing club in Mumbai & Ritika Singh from Evolution MMA Mumbai. Ritika who had just returned after winning a Silver medal for India at a martial arts championship held in Iran, had picked up an injury during the competition in Iran. She insisted on taking this bout against the advice of her coaches to pull out of the card and recover fully first.

Manjit however is a highly decorated amateur boxer from Mumbai who has recently started mma training.

Round 1: Ritika starts with an orthodox stance and Manjit maintaining a south paw stance. Ritika throws a a right low kick to the inner thigh of the lead leg of Manjit but Manjit answers with a left cross. Ritika throws a leg kick again and Manjit counters well with a Jab cross combination forcing Ritika to cover up and clinch her. Ritika takes down Manjit from the clinch and lands up in her guard. Manjit is sucessful in sweeping Ritika as she attempts to move to a full mount position. Manjit scrambles away and asks the Referee to stand Ritika up. Action restarts standing and after a few inneffective strikes, Manjit catches Ritika in a clinch and takes her down to the mat. Manjit lands on side mount but is unable to do much damage as ritika is covering up well and is active of her back. Manjit chooses to scramble away and once again asks the referee to stand ritika up. Both of them trade some shots standing with Manjit getting the better of the stand up exchange. Manjit pushing Ritika against the wall and landing some good bodyshots forces Ritika to cover up. Ritika shoots for a takedown but is reversed by Manjit. Manjit works her Ground and Pound which is unanswered by Ritika forcing referee Jitendra Khare to stop the bout.

Result: Manjit Kolekar wins by TKO at 04 mns 43 secs of round # 1

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Battle at Red Square" K1 rules Pro 8 man tournament in Goa on 16th Dec

Rush in your entries to be a part of this event as only 8 fighters will be selected to participate in One weight category ranging from 70 kgs to 90 kgs. Send your entries to and


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Just another death of an indian warrior

Many unreported deaths have ocurred at traditional martial arts tournaments all over India over the last 2 decades. These tournaments have a very sad state of affairs as fighters do not undergo any forms of medical checkup and the ringside physicians have little or no experience attending to fighters / combat sports athletes. Here are two of these very sad , recent tragedies : One from Karate and the other from Boxing. The news reports and their sources are as available from official reports.

Karateka dies due to neglect by event officials

Nov 12, 2009 Kozhikode , Kerala : The police have registered a case against the Kaju Kado Karate and Martial Arts Academy following the death of a participant during a tournament held at the Indoor Stadium here on November 7 and 8.

The Kasaba police registered a case against the academy, organisers of the All-Style Martial Arts and Full Contact Tournament, under Section 304 A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code following the post mortem examination report it received from the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital.

T. Ubais, 19, of Chettippadi, near Parappanangadi, in Malappuram district had died at a private hospital here around 3.30 a.m. on Monday. He swooned at the venue of the tournament, soon after a round on the concluding day of the two-day tournament on Sunday. He was given first aid at the venue and later shifted to the hospital.

The post mortem examination report said the cause of the death was “sub arachnoid haemorrhage due to vertebral artery rupture following a blunt force injury to the neck”.

Cause of death

As suspected earlier, it was a case of cervical trauma during the sport-related activity. The Department of Forensic Medicine conduct the post mortem examination.

A couple of days ago, the police had registered a case under Section 174 (police to inquire and report on doubt regarding the cause of death) of the Code of Criminal Procedure. They had been awaiting the post-mortem report.

Ubais, a construction worker, had started karate training two-and-a-half years ago. He had entered the quarterfinals in the “full contact” in the 55-60 kg category of the tournament.

Source : Online news The Hindu
Mumbai College boxer dies after a blow to head at boxing tourney
MUMBAI: A final-year BCom student died of brain haemorrhage at a city hospital on Thursday, less than 36 hours after losing a bout in an intercollege boxing tournament for Mumbai University students. Doctors said the cause of the haemorrhage appeared to be a "compression of the brain" caused by a hit on the head.

Pramod Sav was a finalyear student of Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce at GTB Nagar in Sion. The 21-year-old was into boxing for the last three years and was one of the 200 participants in a boxing tournament being hosted by Mumbai University on its Kalina campus.

Sav had a bout on Tuesday evening in which he took on a student of Wilson College. Sav narrowly lost the bout after three rounds, which saw several sharp blows being exchanged.

Those who witnessed the tie said though it was close and filled with sharp exchanges, neither Sav nor his opponent had serious external injuries. "Both contestants had the necessary safety gear," a witness said.

Sav, however, started complaining of nausea after the match. "He headed for home around 9pm," Mumbai Boxing Association chairman Rajan Jothady said. Sav's friends, seeing his condition, decided not to take him to his GTB Nagar residence but took him to Sion Hospital. He was given artificial respiratory support there and his family was called to the hospital but doctors recommended that he be shifted to another hospital that had better emergency-care facilities .

Sav was taken to Bombay Hospital but he had lapsed into coma even before he could be wheeled in, doctors said, adding that he arrived there early on Wednesday.

Doctors said his chest showed evidence of deep injuries . "There were no superficial injuries. But a CT scan showed there was a large clot that was pressing the brain and there was a change in the position of the brain," said Bombay Hospital consultant neurosurgeon Nootan Kumar Sharma. A team of doctors performed a complicated surgery on Sav but his condition deteriorated. "There was a subdural clot and we removed it. But he died of compression of the brain early on Thursday," Sharma said. He, however, added that Sav could have been saved had the surgery been done earlier.

The MBA has asked the university to provide financial support to the family.

College pays medical fees of deceased boxer
The Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce paid the medical expenses of their 21-year-old student, Pramod Sav, who died of a brain haemorrhage early Thursday morning, after losing a boxing bout less than 36 hours earlier. On Thursday, the college stayed shut and a condolence meeting was held for Sav, a third-year BCom student. Sav had lost a boxing bout on Tuesday evening in an inter-college boxing tournament held by the Mumbai University on its Kalina campus. After the match, Sav complained of a headache and of feeling dizzy, said university officials. He was taken to Sion hospital and was subsequently shifted to Bombay Hospital for surgery.

“He had been playing for the past few years and had no previous medical history,” said Bina Punjabi, principal of Guru Nanak College in Sion. “The family is in shock. We paid for all the expenses.”

“We are still recovering from the shock,” said Punjabi. “He was a jolly, well-behaved boy.”

The Maharashtra Boxing Association said it would try and help out the boy’s family. “He was part of the association. We will help the family out,” said Bharatkumar Whaval, executive secretary of the association

Sav’s boxing opponent walks out of next match
MUMBAI: The 18-year-old boxing opponent of Pramod Sav could not play his next match after being told of the 21-yearold's hospitalization on Wednesday. Sav died of brain haemorrhage at a city hospital on Thursday - 31 hours after he suffered a few blows to his head during an intercollegiate boxing tournament conducted by the Mumbai University.

Sav's opponent was seen crying during Wednesday's tournament. "Although he went to the ring, he could not bring himself to play after the first round and lost. He was disturbed throughout," said Rajan Jothady, chairman of Mumbai Boxing Association (MBA) and also his coach.

The first-year BSc student was also not present for his lectures on Friday. His coach said that the student's parents are now concerned and have asked him to stay indoors. All attempts to get in touch with the family proved futile.

Sources : The Times of India

Gym Wars 13 : Aswanth TK (Calicut) vs Vikrant Salve (Thane)

Round 1: Both fighters gauging the distance early. Vikrant and Ashwanth exchange leg kicks but are ineffective. Vikrant tries to move in with a side kick but Aswanth answers with a right hook. Both fighters still ineffective with their striking. Aswanth firesoff a series of leg kicks that are unanswered by Vikrant and forces Vikrant to switch stances. Vikrant fires back with a body kick which is trapped by Aswanth. Aswanth throws Vikrant to the mat and follows up with an illegal head kick to a grounded Vikrant. After checking with Vikrant and issuing Aswanth his first warning, referee Jitendra Khare stands up both the fighters and restarts the bout. Vikrant throws a body kick again which is trapped by Aswanth who fires back with a right hook which connects square on Vikrant and drops him. Aswanth follows him to the ground and continues to ground and pound,forcing referee to jump in and stop the fight.

Result: Aswanth T.K wins by TKO at 4 mins 01 sec of Round # 1

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

Gym Wars 13 : Rajesh More [Nasik] vs Abhijit Kundu [Chennai]

Round 1: Abhijit takes control of the center and throws a low kick and a body kick early both of which connect. Rajesh pushes Abhijit against the wall but is reversed by Abhijit who is trying to sink in an Anaconda choke. Rajesh escapes and quickly fires back with a jab and a left hook. Abhijit backs out after getting hit with the punches and lands up almost giving up his back in the bargain. Rajesh is unable to get his hooks in and both break up and their is a brief exchange of punches with Rajesh getting better of the exchange. Rajesh again fires a left jab and left hook which visibly rocks Abhijit. Rajesh quickly follows it up by throwing knees and a couple of left upper cuts from the clinch. Abhijit covers up and Rajesh manages to get his back and takes him to the ground quickly to finish off with a Rear Naked choke.

Result: Rajesh wins by submission [RNC] at 2mns of round # 1
Submission of the Night !!!

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gym Wars 13 : MMA in Mumbai , first look results

Bout # 1 : Aswanth T.K [Calicut] vs Vikrant Salve [Thane]
Result : Aswanth T.K wins by TKO at 4mn 01 sec of round # 1

Bout # 2 : Swapnil Barve [Nasik] vs Sumith R [Bangalore]
Result : Sumith R wins by TKO at 4mn 40 sec of round # 1

Bout # 3 : Pranav Mantri [Mumbai] vs Vaisakh P.D [Calicut]
Result : Vaisakh P.D wins by KO at 32 secs of round # 2
Fight of the Night !!!

Bout # 4 : Susovan Ghosh [Mumbai] vs Sharath Babu [Calicut]
Result : fight goes the distance : Draw

Bout # 5 : Rajesh More [Nasik] vs Abhijit Kundu [Chennai]
Result : Rajesh wins by submission [RNC] at 2mns of round # 1
Submission of the Night !!!

Co-main event : Womens MMA bout [Gym Wars MMA India first ever womens mma bout]
Bout # 6 : Ritika Singh [Thane] vs Manjit Kolekar [Mumbai]
Result : Manjit Kolekar wins by TKO at 04 mns 43 secs of round # 1

Main event : Aikido vs Boxing
Bout # 7 : Sachin Bhat [Mangalore] vs Bhanji Mahida [Mumbai]
Result : Sachin Bhat wins by KO at 14 secs of round # 1 [head kick KO]
Picture above
KO of the night !!! best KO of Gym Wars in all 13 events

A detailed report with pictures by Evolution MMA CEO Jitendra Khare
follows soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gym Wars 13 Official weigh-ins and rule briefing

Rule briefing with chief Gym Wars official "Big" Jitendra Khare
at Evolution MMA this evening.

The first official women's mma fight and the co-main event
of Gym Wars 13 : Ritika Singh vs Manjit Kolekar

The main event of Gym Wars 13 : Sachin Bhat [Mangalore]
vs Bhanji Mahida [Mumbai] at the weigh-ins and rule briefing

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gym Wars 13 official announcement

Sudipto Marik [MMA] vs Vikrant Salve [Karate]
Sachin Bhat [Aikido] vs Bhanji Mahida [Boxing]
Manjit [Boxing] vs Ritika [MMA]
Plus other exciting action bouts to be announced soon
fighters arriving from Mangalore , Bangalore , Calicut
Chennai , Punjab , Nasik and Mumbai

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tigers Gym contacts :

Daniel Isaac :
CEO of Tigers Gym & Fight Club

Alan Fenandes :
GM of Tigers MMA Academy , Nasik

Jitendra Khare :
CEO of Evolution MMA Mumbai

Sudipto Marik :
MD of Evolution Fitness Mumbai

Auditions and Tryouts :

Ashish Prabhu
email :

India's best MMA fighters battle it out at "The Fight Challenge"

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MMA in India : Gym Wars XIII announcement

Gym Wars XIII Returns to Evolution MMA Mumbai on Saturday 19th November.
Fighter Auditions are already underway. To get a bout at Gym Wars XIII send your resume / fight profile / pic / video to Fighter weigh-ins will begin 5pm on Friday 18th Nov at the Evolution MMA Mumbai training centre. Bouts will start 1pm on the 19th and end by 4pm. Fighters interested to build their record may compete regularly at the gym wars events held every month in Mumbai.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chaitanya Gavali winning gold for India at 2011 Thailand Open BJJ [no-gi]

Jitendra , Chaitanya , Bharat win gold for India in Thailand

On 21st Oct, 2011 India’s No. 1 Submission Wrestler, Alan Fenandes, led a 9 man squad to Thailand to represent India in Asia’s largest & most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling tournament ‘The Thailand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling Open’, organized by BJJAT (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of Thailand) under the IBJJF rules (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation)
Held over 2 days i.e. 22nd Oct and 23rd Oct the tournament had a record turnout of well over 300 competitors from elite BJJ clubs not only from the entire Asian continent but also from Europe, Russia & USA. Competing against the teams of BJJ heavyweights such as Dan Simmler, Rodrigo Caporal, Marcus Escobar and also well reputed BJJ clubs such as Bangkok BJJ, Grip House, Taiwan BJJ, Evolve participating in this tournament, Team India were the definite underdogs.
For the Gi division, held on Saturday, 22nd Oct, Jitendra Khare, led the pack with a 1st place finish in the Adults Ultra Heavyweight White Belt division.
Falling short of the top spot but still receiving a Bronze were Chaitanya Gavali, an under 76 KG competitor in the Adult White Belt division, who fought hard and ended up with a 3rd place finish only losing to the eventual champion, and Alan Fenandes, who also managed a hard fought 3rd place in the Adult Blue/Purple Belt under 93 KG category.
The No Gi Division was held on Sunday, 23rd Oct. Bharat Khandare & Chaitanya Gavali took to the mat and send some shockwaves through the Asian BJJ community by running through their competition enroute to securing Gold medals in Adults Novice Under 67.5 kgs & Adults Novice Under 76.5 kgs
Jitendra Khare wasn’t as successful as on the previous day and could only manage a respectable 2nd place in the Adults Novice Ultra heavyweight category.
Both Alan Fenandes & Susovan Ghosh also managed to secure 3rd place finishes in Adults Intermediate Under 93.5 kgs & Adults Novice Under 57.5 kgs.
Anup Kumar started well and secured a Quarter Final berth in both Adult Novice Under 63.5 kgs and Adult Novice Absolute/Open weight division but unfortunately was robbed off a Semi final berth in the Absolute division due to some poor calls made on behalf of the referee.
Sudipto Marik and Sohn Burkhard although falling out of medal contention, fought hard and gave it their all as usual, only losing in their white belt & absolute categories respectfully to strong opponents.
The team amassed a healthy tally of 8 medals i.e. 3 Golds, 1 Silver & 4 Bronze, over the 2 days & definitely made everyone sit up and take notice of them with their strong performance against the
The 9 man squad and their competing division was as follows:
Alan Fenandes [Nasik]- GI- Adult Blue belt Under 93.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Intermediate Under 93.5 Kgs
Jitendra Khare [Mumbai] - GI- Adult White belt Over 100 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Over 100 Kgs
Chaitanya Gavali [Mumbai]- GI- Adult White belt Under 76.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 76.5 Kgs
Sudipto Marik [Mumbai]- GI- Adult White belt Under 63.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 63.5 Kgs
Sohn Burkhard [Nasik] - GI- Adult White belt Under 76.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 76.5 Kgs
Bharat Khandare [Nasik]- No GI- Adult Novice Under 67.5 Kgs
Susovan Ghosh [Kolkata]- No GI- Adult Novice Under 57.5 Kgs
Anup Kumar[Delhi] - No GI- Adult Novice Under 63.5 Kgs
Bhargav Sope [Nasik] - No GI- Adult Novice Under 83.5 Kgs