Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CO-MAIN EVENT- GYM WARS 13 : Manjit Kolekar (Mumbai) vs Ritika Singh (Thane)

Manjit Kolekar (Mumbai) vs Ritika Singh (Thane)

The co-main event of the Gymwars 13 was the first ever womens' MMA bout at Gym wars featuring Manjit Kolekar, a boxer from South Paw boxing club in Mumbai & Ritika Singh from Evolution MMA Mumbai. Ritika who had just returned after winning a Silver medal for India at a martial arts championship held in Iran, had picked up an injury during the competition in Iran. She insisted on taking this bout against the advice of her coaches to pull out of the card and recover fully first.

Manjit however is a highly decorated amateur boxer from Mumbai who has recently started mma training.

Round 1: Ritika starts with an orthodox stance and Manjit maintaining a south paw stance. Ritika throws a a right low kick to the inner thigh of the lead leg of Manjit but Manjit answers with a left cross. Ritika throws a leg kick again and Manjit counters well with a Jab cross combination forcing Ritika to cover up and clinch her. Ritika takes down Manjit from the clinch and lands up in her guard. Manjit is sucessful in sweeping Ritika as she attempts to move to a full mount position. Manjit scrambles away and asks the Referee to stand Ritika up. Action restarts standing and after a few inneffective strikes, Manjit catches Ritika in a clinch and takes her down to the mat. Manjit lands on side mount but is unable to do much damage as ritika is covering up well and is active of her back. Manjit chooses to scramble away and once again asks the referee to stand ritika up. Both of them trade some shots standing with Manjit getting the better of the stand up exchange. Manjit pushing Ritika against the wall and landing some good bodyshots forces Ritika to cover up. Ritika shoots for a takedown but is reversed by Manjit. Manjit works her Ground and Pound which is unanswered by Ritika forcing referee Jitendra Khare to stop the bout.

Result: Manjit Kolekar wins by TKO at 04 mns 43 secs of round # 1

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

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