Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chaitanya Gavali winning gold for India at 2011 Thailand Open BJJ [no-gi]

Jitendra , Chaitanya , Bharat win gold for India in Thailand

On 21st Oct, 2011 India’s No. 1 Submission Wrestler, Alan Fenandes, led a 9 man squad to Thailand to represent India in Asia’s largest & most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling tournament ‘The Thailand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling Open’, organized by BJJAT (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of Thailand) under the IBJJF rules (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation)
Held over 2 days i.e. 22nd Oct and 23rd Oct the tournament had a record turnout of well over 300 competitors from elite BJJ clubs not only from the entire Asian continent but also from Europe, Russia & USA. Competing against the teams of BJJ heavyweights such as Dan Simmler, Rodrigo Caporal, Marcus Escobar and also well reputed BJJ clubs such as Bangkok BJJ, Grip House, Taiwan BJJ, Evolve participating in this tournament, Team India were the definite underdogs.
For the Gi division, held on Saturday, 22nd Oct, Jitendra Khare, led the pack with a 1st place finish in the Adults Ultra Heavyweight White Belt division.
Falling short of the top spot but still receiving a Bronze were Chaitanya Gavali, an under 76 KG competitor in the Adult White Belt division, who fought hard and ended up with a 3rd place finish only losing to the eventual champion, and Alan Fenandes, who also managed a hard fought 3rd place in the Adult Blue/Purple Belt under 93 KG category.
The No Gi Division was held on Sunday, 23rd Oct. Bharat Khandare & Chaitanya Gavali took to the mat and send some shockwaves through the Asian BJJ community by running through their competition enroute to securing Gold medals in Adults Novice Under 67.5 kgs & Adults Novice Under 76.5 kgs
Jitendra Khare wasn’t as successful as on the previous day and could only manage a respectable 2nd place in the Adults Novice Ultra heavyweight category.
Both Alan Fenandes & Susovan Ghosh also managed to secure 3rd place finishes in Adults Intermediate Under 93.5 kgs & Adults Novice Under 57.5 kgs.
Anup Kumar started well and secured a Quarter Final berth in both Adult Novice Under 63.5 kgs and Adult Novice Absolute/Open weight division but unfortunately was robbed off a Semi final berth in the Absolute division due to some poor calls made on behalf of the referee.
Sudipto Marik and Sohn Burkhard although falling out of medal contention, fought hard and gave it their all as usual, only losing in their white belt & absolute categories respectfully to strong opponents.
The team amassed a healthy tally of 8 medals i.e. 3 Golds, 1 Silver & 4 Bronze, over the 2 days & definitely made everyone sit up and take notice of them with their strong performance against the
The 9 man squad and their competing division was as follows:
Alan Fenandes [Nasik]- GI- Adult Blue belt Under 93.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Intermediate Under 93.5 Kgs
Jitendra Khare [Mumbai] - GI- Adult White belt Over 100 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Over 100 Kgs
Chaitanya Gavali [Mumbai]- GI- Adult White belt Under 76.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 76.5 Kgs
Sudipto Marik [Mumbai]- GI- Adult White belt Under 63.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 63.5 Kgs
Sohn Burkhard [Nasik] - GI- Adult White belt Under 76.5 Kgs & No GI- Adult Novice Under 76.5 Kgs
Bharat Khandare [Nasik]- No GI- Adult Novice Under 67.5 Kgs
Susovan Ghosh [Kolkata]- No GI- Adult Novice Under 57.5 Kgs
Anup Kumar[Delhi] - No GI- Adult Novice Under 63.5 Kgs
Bhargav Sope [Nasik] - No GI- Adult Novice Under 83.5 Kgs

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daniel Isaac's Quotes

"Influence effect viewpoints , Viewpoints effect decisions , Decisions effect actions , Actions effect consequences , Consequences create events , Events become history , History effects the next generation , so try and be a part of history and history repeating itself , lets try and influence the world in the best possible way to make this world a better place for us all to live in" Daniel Isaac 25.10.2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

India victorious at Thailand Open BJJ Championships

Team Tigers BJJ India claimed 3 gold , 1 silver and 4 bronze at the 2011 Thailand Open BJJ Championships in Bangkok on the 22nd and 23rd October.

2 more gold medals for BJJ team India at the 2011 Thailand Open in Bangkok

Bharat Kandare[Devlali Nasik] and Chaitanya Gavali [Mumbai]claimed two more gold medals for India at the Thailand Open BJJ Championships 2011[no-gi] , super duper guys !!! well done ! Chaitanya also picked up a bronze in the gi division.

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Big" Jitendra Khare wins Gold for India at the 2011 Thailand Open BJJ Championships

Congrats to Jitendra Khare for winning gold for BJJ Team India !!! you rock bro !!! More news / info and videos to come !!! Jitendra picked up a gold at the gi and a silver at the no-gi category of the ultra heavyweight division.

Team India leaves Mumbai airport for the 2011 Thailand BJJ Open

All the best to Team India as they have left for the 2011 Thailand open BJJ championships being held on the 22nd and 22rd of October. The team led by Alan Fenandes comprises of Jitendra Khare , Chaitanya Gavali , Bharat Khandare , Anup Kumar , Susovan Ghosh , Sudipto Marik , Bhargav Sope and Sohn Burkhard. This is the largest bjj contingent to represent Indian bjj international yet.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Fighters Only" MMA Magazine does a featurette on Gym Wars and MMA in India

International MMA magazine "Fighters Only" did a little write-up on our fighters and Gym Wars. For some strange reason they kept referring to it as "Cage wars" ... ??? Thanks "Fighters Only" !

We are on FHM [oct 2011 issue]

Tigers continues to promote MMA the best possible way in India with great coverage in the october 2011 issue of FHM [India]. Page 109 has Daniel Isaac on a full page colour feature and pages 110 and 111 have a nice write-up on on our work , our team , our fighters and our international achievements.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I believe in my fighters ... Now its time for them to believe in themselves

"I believe in my fighters ... Now its time for them to believe in themselves , take opportunity by the balls and give the mma world something new to talk about" Daniel Isaac - Tue 4th october 2011 , 7:50am