Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MAIN EVENT- GYMWARS 13 : Sachin Bhat (Mangalore) vs Bhanji Mahida (Mumbai)

Sachin Bhat (Mangalore) vs Bhanji Mahida (Mumbai)
Referee: Jitendra Khare

The main event of the Gymwars 13 was the highly anticipated bout between Sachin Bhat, 2nd Dan Black belt in Aikido and Bhanji Mahida, a veteran boxer and coach/owner of South Paw boxing club in Mumbai. This was, what everyone thought, to be the classic Grappler versus Striker fight with both fighters being coaches and veterans at their respective disciplines.

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves. Sachin with an orthodox stance and Bhanji in a south paw stance keeping his guard very low. Sachin connects early with a right low kick to the inner thigh of the lead leg of Bhanji forcing him to drop his guard even lower. Sachin immediately follows up with a right head kick which connects to Bhanji's temple and drops him to the mat. Sachin then follows him to the mat and drops a right hand. Referee Jitendra Khare has seen enough and jumps in and stops the fight.

Result: Sachin Bhat wins by KO at 14 secs of round # 1.
KnockOut of the event and fastest KO in Gymwars history.

Fight Summary by India's leading MMA referee , the AMMAI's "Big" Jitendra Khare

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