Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My fearless lil tiger cubs

Rottweilers are known to be both unpredictable and non-child friendly - quite the contrary are our rottweilers , full grown and a massive 60 kgs that they are . these security guards of our home are very very protective of my children and of our house , they allow my daughters to literally ride them around the house and yeah wait patiently while my 4 year old digs out the marrow from the marrow bones that they enjoy biting on , I guess Rottweilers need a firm command and good training if you want them to be part of the family. Exactly the way we have brought up our boys. I tried to make them friends with tayde once unfortunately they went straight for his face and missed his eye by inches. We rushed him to the hospital [thank god hes ok now] and vowed never to try to make outsiders their friends. For Rotts the principle is simple : everyone from home is family and anyone from outside the gate is an enemy - no exceptions whatsoever. Bite first enquire later

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