Friday, April 1, 2011

MMA India Video Blog Inaugural Episode

Friday April 01 , 2011 : I take the 12:15 pm bus to mumbai , reach my house in goregaon at 6pm , just enough time to shower and change , 730pm Vicky meets me at Inorbit and we head to the Evolution mma gym in kandivali , 8-10pm we are training the series : fundamentals of standup fighting for mma , good hard training , 1030pm we head for dinner along with vickys wife kavi and mastveer singh , good food and friends are always a good formula especially when you have a life always on the go , midnight i reach my home in goregaon and get to talk to my wife on the phone since im missing her too much , 1am to 4am i edit / convert and upload my inaugural episode of the mma india video blog , now its time to go to bed , 9am wakeup time and 1030am is the saturday morning class at evolution mma , pls checkout the mma india video blog channel hope you guys tune in regularly , share and enjoy the uploads.

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