Friday, March 1, 2013

SFL Contenders

SFL contenders is a new circuit formed in association with AMMAI and the Super Fight League  to provide sanctioned mma bouts for debut mma fighters who do not have experience competing in the SFL big stage. On a regular basis bouts will be held at the SFL bootcamp in Nasik Maharashtra , all of these bouts will be supervised and sanctioned by officials of the Assoc of Mixed Martial Arts India. Fighters who do not have experience fighting in the sfl ozone cannot participate on the big stage at Friday fight nights and thus SFL contenders will serve both as a preliminary platform as well as give sfl cage experience to fighters even if they are applying with the SFL as national or international level champions in their own individual combat disciplines like wushu kickboxing , wrestling or judo” said Daniel Isaac , SFL COO. All applications for SFL contenders can be emailed to or to Mr Alan on 9890320402 , The first series of SFL contenders will be held on 17th and 18th March at the Nasik SFL fitness bootcamp.

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