Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Food Channel : Tigers MMA India "ishtyle"

Mastveer eating a little ice-cream after a hard afternoon mma workout
I mean Cmon guys , who doesnt love his food ? Shatup all you health freaks ! This blog post is dedicated to all the wonderful food joints that we visit during our mma journey all over the world. Now thats what I call "picture perfect"

A good ol Daniel Isaac smile after a lovely meal in Dubai.

A select few people get to break bread with us at my home in devlali , heres what all you other suckers miss out on when theres a party in Daniel Isaacs house ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Vicky gets to begin and Anup Menon get to smile and watch ...

Weekday afternoon subway salad.

Royler Gracie Black Belt Pedro Schmall eating a crazy combo at the Evolution MMA Mumbai gym : wadapav , lassi , dhokla and chicken ??? what ?

My Max being bribed with an ice-cream before his visit to the vet , what we mean by this bribe is "Max please dont bite the vet !"

Typical saturday afternoon meal after traning , Satinos !

My plate of Chicken dum biryani in hyderabad , the land flowing with chicken and biryani

My lunch snack at Mcdonalds in Hong Kong

Myself and Abhijeets post fight dinner with friends in Hong Kong.This picture is entitled"Burrp!"

A Rare picture of Vicky , Alan and Mastveer with their plates actually empty. And yeah there goes mr Alan Fenandes sending an sms to the cook , saale ! butter lagake !!!

What better a meal to ask for after a hard day at work. My wonderful wife cooks delicious meals like this one every night after I return from training at Golds and Tigers on weekdays. Eat your heart out all you guys who get 'daal chawal" ha ha ha ha

I was in Calicut recently , at this restaurant you get to choose the fish you want to eat and then the cook prepares it the style you want, Yum ! I mean "yum yum yay"

Mr Alan Fenandes caught eating with 'friends' in dubai late last year. Ahem !

Part 2 of the MMA India Food Channel coming soon ... !

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