Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye : boxing makes a statement ?

Yeah the question mark at the end of this blog header isnt a mistake. I just finished watching the klitchko vs haya title bout and heres how it went : The crowd was deafening , the british fans were boisterous [and drunk] almost jumping on their own hero as he made it down to the ring. The promoters tried to make a dramatical introduction leading up to the walkouts but failed miserably [even though they brought down some big names to be part of it like larry holmes] there were some pretty obvious f*$%ups which looked terrible on screen. The only thing i enjoyed was the trash talking from david haye which i guess got him this fight after all. It was absolutely pathetic to see Klitchko cornerman and head trainer Emmanuel Steward literally begging Klitchko to go for the kill. Wladimir looked like he wasnt interested to finish off Haye and preferred to do some wrestling style single arm takles which knocked Haye down to the floor a few times early into the fight. Well ... I did lie to you guys when I began this blog writeup I didnt finish watching the entire fight , as usual i tried my best but couldnt go beyond the 9th round of the scheduled 12 rounder [someone please tell me who won and how he won coz i couldnt bear the suspense] Watching the beginning and the amount of people and celebrities in the stadium I went like "Oh shit looks like boxing is gonna make a statement with this fight" but , sorry guys boxing did make a statement "theres no way we can compare ourselves with mma or even k1 anymore , they are the big players and even though our big fights have the money , they [mma and k1] are the big boys for now. Dana White , my man ! youre the boss and kudos to you for what you have done with the UFC , you have set the standard for everyone and even boxing needs to learn from you ... even with tv production.

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