Friday, March 18, 2011

The BJJ-India Connection part 5 : Travelling / Training abroad

Picture : Alan receives his bjj blue belt from Carlos Santos in Abudhabi UAE , Carlos was originally from the brazilian top team and presently heads the bjj program in Abudhabi.
Picture : Alan regards a significant change / improvement in his bjj when he travelled to ubon thailand to train at the prestigious legacy gym. Alan trained alongside K1 max japan star Ole Laursen , Art of War star Malik Maylayi , Kazuto Senga and UFC fighter Per Eklund during his one month stay at Legacy.

Continuing our pursuit of the mma dream we have regularly sent our fighters abroad to train bjj / mma. Alan received his blue belt when he travelled to Abudhabi and has continued to improve his grappling skills everytime he travels to train abroad. Alan is the head of the bjj / grappling division at tigers gym and evolution mma and continues to both train himself and also help prepare the local fighters to perfect their grappling.[Continued in part 6]

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