Friday, March 18, 2011

The BJJ-India Connection part 4

Picture : Matteo Biscottini of Italy [bjj/pankration instructor] was the first to visit tigers gym and teach our team the basics of bjj and grappling for mma.
Martin Hensch from California USA visited us in 2008 and shared valuable knowlede on yoga and its importance in bjj and grappling , martin helped prepare alan before his no-gi bjj tournament in abudhabi.
Oron Ben Simon a Royce Gracie certified bjj blue belt from Israel has been regularly visiting us over the last couple of years , Ben has a very agressive style of grappling and i always end up getting injured when he rolls with

Pedro Schmall , a royler gracie black belt from brazil was the first authentic bjj black belt to visit and teach in India. Pedro is an excellent instructor and helped prepare some of our fighters before the Martial Combat Singapore shows.

Raghav Rao , a senior blue belt bjj from the prestigious eddie bravos 10th planet jiu-jitsu also regularly visits us to update the fighters / students on their bjj training.

Overseas BJJ instructors who visited Tigers Gym / Evolution MMA : Soonafter our website was online and people started reading about us on sherdog , bjjasia and a few other website I started getting emails from so many people in the bjj / grappling community. Some we brutally critical about my work and some even told me that i should step down and allow someone else to take on the responsibility of promoting mma / bjj in India. And then there those emails from to-be friends who wanted to come over to India and work with our students / fighters to help them understand more about bjj. Here are some of those important people who have a special place in our hearts. People who have understand us and our vision and continue to be part of our MMA / BJJ India team. Cheers guys ! [Continued in part 5]

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