Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farmer boy training mma

A few weeks ago , this farmer guy named sandeep walks into tigers mma in nasik and wants to know whats happening here , we tell him its an mma gym - he cant figure out what we're talking about , anyways our front desk guy shows him around the place and hes interested seing all the training gear and the posters of alan on the walls , can i become like him ? he asks - referring to alans poster , why not replies the front desk guy , sandeep signs up frankly not knowing what hes getting into , a few weeks later i hold the pads for him and the guy has some raw power , seriously this farmer boy has no fight experience whatsoever , not even wrestling but hes strong , pretty strong , this is the kind of raw talent that rural india posseses , here him doing beginner level pads with me , pretty awesome if you ask me , thanks again to tayde for filming the video and for permitting me to bring my cam / mobile into the training area.

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff for a begineer. I can see some heads rolling soon in future GymWars.