Thursday, March 17, 2011

Housekeeping Boss Tigers MMA Academy

This is Sandeep Tayde , hes the caretaker of the tigers mma academy and looks after housekeeping , but dont think lil dude is a pushover , hes a black belt in karate and started learning mma 6 years ago , hes very strict where cleanliness in the gym is concerned , he strictly enforces the gym rules posted on the entrance door and makes sure shoes arent allowed in the training centre , if he catches you with your mobile or camera in the training area he will confiscate it and God knows when he will return it to you , well all said and done this lil dude respects the training centre as his temple and its because of him that tigers mma academy is kept neat clean and tidy , if you stayover at tigers when at training , hes the guy who will make sure that lights are off at 9pm and your up and awake at 6am , remember van damme getting woken up by his thai master in kickboxer the movie ? similar scenario , thanks sandeep ! youre da man !

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