Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 2011 Weekend # 1 Training Mumbai

I Was glad to be back in mumbai this weekend training with the guys at evolution mma , session # 1 on friday seemed like everyone had an extra holiday dose and had difficulties doing the simplest workouts but sat and sun looked good. Jitendra took a good no gi grappling class and the guys are learning fast , Raghav had shown them some new moves during his last visit to mumbai and they all have been showing off those moves all weekend.Friday I began with some mma striking followed by some strength and conditioning workouts.Saturday we did some wrestling and boxing in the first half of the morning session followed by bjj in the second half.Sunday we did all grappling and then finished off with some sparring.We have 2 new members training with us from this month : Joshua Rao whos been training some basic mma , bjj and muay thai in the US and Shane whos also from the US and has a decent wrestling and bjj base , Shane had trained briefly with the UFCs Nate Marquardt.Welcome to Evolution MMA to Shane and Joshua !

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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be training with Evolution MMA!