Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My dear dear brother vicky

This picture is of my dear dear brother from mumbai , mr jitendra khare , also known as "vicky" , the name vicky sounds "cho chweet" and this sweet smiley picture looks even "chweeter" , but this mountain of a human being is the assistant grappling instructor with our team and the head coach of strength and conditioning and when he rolls with you on the mat its a painful experience , heres my input on rolling with vicky :
1]Full Mount = full mountain on me
2]Vicky in my Guard = Not quite ! Coz no normal human can get his legs around vicky waist [whether youre a bjj black belt or not its gonna be a challenge]
3]Vicky gets an armbar = actually i will tap quicker when vicky lands his butt on my face setting up the arm bar , the rest is history
4]Vicky gets a kimura = Hey isnt that my arm ??? whats it doin with you vicky ?

And heres the final quote of the day , "How does evolution mma get new mats every week ? Coz Road Roller [i mean vicky] keeps rollin with [i mean rollin on ] the new signups ....

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