Friday, January 7, 2011

Jo Jo

Over the last few months Jo our assistant instructor at evolution mma , tigers mma and golds gym nasik hasnt been keeping too well , due to some chronic issues and other injuries developed at training hes not been 100% , he actually had a scheduled mma bout against "superkick" shafiq at gym wars 6 but didnt clear the pre fight medical , in december when jo went back to his native kerala for the christmas holidays he ended up spending all his time in bedrest because of the terrible pain in his neck , elbow and back , doctors have suggested that he consult with a sports / bone specialist and consider surgery , some friends have asked me to suggest jo to do yoga to help with the recovery.Jo - our wishes are prayers are for you , get well soon bro , we all miss you - i mean miss beating you up ... lol

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  1. Update on Jo - he's started to move around a bit and is feeling better , the moment he starts commenting on pictures in FB you know he's better , look forward to see you at evolution again soon Jo !!!