Sunday, January 9, 2011

padwork bloopers

Ok heres a funny blooper that happened with me on friday evening , I was holding pads for some of the big guys in class and then shifted to Adi whos like one of the youngest mma students at evolution mumbai , holding pads for about 20 mns and im sweating before i begin with adi and i went like - one two and he goes eesh ! eesh ! then i shout adi ur not punchin hard enuf - one ! two ! and he goes - eesh ! eesh ! and he spits like all over my face ... yuck ! i couldnt figure out what was sweat and what was spit , damn ! adi next time i hold pads for you im wearing a glass visor , lol [in the picture thats adi with the silver tigers mma shorts black gloves and black shin guards and hey checkout that newbie wearing the pink gloves ! ha ha dude pink gloves are just for the ladies lol

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